• Sexy Future R&B For a Steamy Valentine’s Day

    Let the warm, sensual sounds of ambient pads set the tone and create a sexy atmosphere for you this Valentine’s Day. If you’re spending time with that special someone then this playlist consists of the perfect music to snuggle up to. Here are some of the sexiest future R&B sounds out there. Tracklist Track Artist Song […]
  • Cosy Winter Nights; Hip Hop/R&B Vibes With a Chill

    As winter draws to a slow and steady close the optimism for brighter days on the horizon. But alas this is England and the chill just has no chill. So we put this playlist together for your cosy winter nights when leaving the foetal position just isn’t an option. Consisting of low tempo, future R&B […]

    Solange Knowles A True Artist

    Solange Knowles was always going to be compared to her famous big sister once she decided to follow suit and take her first steps onto the musical ladder. A sibling already established with a voice that is distinctive, that matches the image being driven by the higher powers in the music industry, you have to admire someone who […]
  • Valentine’s Day: Chilled Sexy Vibes Playlist

    Single’s Awareness Day, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, is here once again, bringing with it a touch of romance and an overwhelming amount of bitterness; you know who you are! Well, whatever it is you’re up to today, whether that be moping, dating or [insert expletive here], here are some chilled sexy sounds to either set the mood or […]
  • Should Miguel’s “Quickie” Have Been A Trey Song

    Upon hearing Miguel’s latest single “Quickie” my immediate response was good song, but wrong artist. And it seems im not alone on this as seen by this youtube comment. So why not Miguel in this particular instance? Delivery – Someone like Trey would have sold the words on tone alone. Miguel just doesn’t seem to […]