• Artist of the Month: Nina Nesbitt – An Unsung Hero

    Nina Nesbitt has been around for years releasing albums and continually improving her presence on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. The 21 year old singer from Scotland has been singing publicly since 2011 and released her debut album “Peroxide” in 2014, which proved to be a massive success. The Modeling Nina began her […]
  • Artists to Watch: Streets Made Innovators

    Production duo STREETS MADE INNOVATORS announce a string of Grime remixes in the lead up to their Remix EP out march 25th. Popular artists bringing the GRIME sound to the forefront have and are making Grime a popular choice for music listeners everywhere. Streets made innovators or S.M.I is Vando and Carnage, a duo from London. The Musicianship is shown […]
  • Zara Larsson – A Talent To Listen Out For

    Zara Larsson is making musical waves in the UK with her song “Lush Life”. Nobody knows too much about this Swedish singer and songwriter but she claimed fame in her own country by winning a talent show called Talang. The show is a format of “Got Talent” a television show owned by Simon Cowell’s SYCOtv company […]
  • Jessica Simpson Back In The Studio? A Look At Her Career So Far

    I have to say Jessica Simpson is one of my favourite artists having had a career spanning an impressive 5 studio albums in addition to her 2 holiday albums. She took to Instagram yesterday to show off her new home studio in the process teasing that she could have started working on new material. It is […]
  • Anastacia – Little Lady With a Huge Voice

    Anastacia burst onto the scene with “I’m Outta Love” her debut single that would introduce her to the world of music and the general public. The little lady with a huge voice showed emotion in all her songs on her debut album ‘Not That Kind’. From ballads to uptempo hits, the album gave you a real taste […]

    Unstoppable Talent; The Story of Jojo’s Career

    Joanna “JoJo” Levesque burst onto the scene with “Leave (get out)” at the tender age of 13 and scored a number one in the United States, making her the youngest of a solo artist to achieve that impressive goal. She looked set to have an impressive musical career but little did she know just how the powers that can make […]
  • Artist of the Month: Nicole Dollanganger

    Fitting for the month of halloween, our artist of the month this time around is so many shades of darkness. Like her canadian compatriot, The Weeknd, Nicole Dollanganger seemingly finds solace in the shadows drawing inspiratoin from the likes of Type O Negative, Morbid Angel, Coma Cinema to put her style into perspective. Nicole Dollanganger […]
  • Artist of the Month: Dornik

    It was the summer of 2013 when a little known drummer turned singer announced himself to the internet. He went by the name of Dornik, but thats all anyone knew of this enigmatic and musically talented individual. Despite being shrouded by mystery due to a deliberate lack of press images his then debut single ‘Something […]
  • Artist of the Month: Yuna Zarai

    With the release of her self titled album in late April, Yuna Zarai has emerged as a truly unique artist. Having released a self titled EP in 2008, and her album, ‘Decorate’, in 2010, Yuna was already a star in her native Malaysia before being discovered online and subsequently signed to Fader Label. This multifaceted Malaysian […]