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Fitting for the month of halloween, our artist of the month this time around is so many shades of darkness. Like her canadian compatriot, The Weeknd, Nicole Dollanganger seemingly finds solace in the shadows drawing inspiratoin from the likes of Type O Negative, Morbid Angel, Coma Cinema to put her style into perspective.

Nicole Dollanganger made her first “real song” as she put it in 2012 when her close friend was in an accident. The resulting song ‘Coma Baby’, although rough around the edges was a precursor for the dark musical themes that would ensue. A subsequent spout of illness had her house bound leading her to focus her energies on creating music; part cathartic and part passer of time. It was during this period she really refined her craft.

Nicole Dollanganger’s bedroom recordings soon found the attention of Claire Boucher (better known as Grimes) who went on to setup an artist collective called Eerie Organisation in order to put out her songs. On the topic of Dollanganger’s music, Grimes stated “It blew up my brain so hard that I literally started Eerie to f***ing put it out because it’s a crime against humanity for this music not to be heard.” Perhaps the name Eerie is fitting for the collective considering Nicole Dollanganger’s haunting sounds are their first release.

Nicole keeps her dolls in one half of her bedroom and her rifles on the other (quite literally); a parallel that permeates throughout her life. She has such an innocent doll like image yet she sings of shooting angels in her backyard. Her vocals are soft and airy yet they are the vehichle for her vividly gloomy narratives.

Nicole Dollanganger’s music is a reflection of what she sees as the innate human curiousity with death. Once you can look past the disturbing tales of melancholy you can’t help but appreciate her artistry and poetically expressive creativity. She is often compared to Lana Del Rey however the charachteristics that naturally lead fans to make such a comparisson are amplified 10 fold and Nicole is worlds more esoteric than her counterpart.

Having graduated from bedroom and bathroom recordings, Nicole Dollanganger’s debut studio album ‘Natural Born Losers’ is out now and available on iTunes. As the title suggests this is something for the outkasts and outliers; those that society would consider anomolies but have an overbearing degree of beauty in their idiosyncracies. Those not too disimilar to herself.

I love creating and being creative. I also love helping people develop. My desire is to help young people find their place in life and fulfil their potential.
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