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One of the most important things as a performer of any description, whether it be theater, singing or rapping, is your breathing. It dictates everything from vocal flexibility and tone, through to diction. This is something missed by a lot of upcoming vocalists and it is often even audible in recordings. Deep belly breathing gives your voice that needed roundness and resonance.

There are many fallacies around what diaphragmatic breathing entails. The following video illustrates the appropriate motion your body should experience when fully utilizing the diaphragm. Notice the position of the diaphragm on your body. As you inhale and your diaphragm contracts it creates all that room to bring masses of air. The problem for a lot of upcoming vocalists is that there diaphragmatic contractions aren’t maximised therefore not allowing an optimal level of air to flow in. If your breathing replicates the rib motion in the video, and not just an upper chest movement, then you know you are on the right path.

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