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X-Factor is a talent show popularity contest, very much like the rest of the industry. This simple fact is often overlooked, and easily so. How well one sings (or raps in Cher Lloyd’s case) has little to do with their success. Success on the show is very much about how the audience responds to the performer and whether they are compelled to pick up the phone and cast that much needed vote.

The magic of this is that through this process a potential star is built with an immediate fan base that already knows their story and has watched them essentially turn their life around, coming from usually humble beginnings to find “success” through hard work, determination and their ability to entertain.

The show acts as a intelligent marketing platform meaning half the job is already done by the time the show is completed. At that point it is simply about delivering a product (album, tours, merchandise etc) in a timely fashion to capitalise on the buzz.

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