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Quick Recap

Okay so Meek drops his album. After a while Meek got all up in his feelings because Drake – who is featured on the album on the track R.I.C.O – didn’t tweet about his album. In what was both a questionable and emotional move, Meek call’s Drake’s authenticity in to question by claiming he doesn’t write his own raps!

Aubrey is silent, he doesn’t respond…that is until he does. 2 days later on he drops ‘Charged Up‘ on his OVO Beats show. It was the opening salvo of his response, the herald of what was to come!
Drake must have had his ghostwriters working overtime in that OVO sweatshop because 4 days later – and still no reply from Meek – Drake unleashed Back 2 Back:

Safaree had to call Drake for help???? #MeekMill #Drake #safaree #nicki #backtoback #memetangclan Follow the team?? @memetangclan

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Drake was up 2, we found ourselves waiting, just waiting for Meek’s response. But finally, today while you were sleeping, Meek responded:


Well he tried:

and so it begins:











And the people are starting to think Meek may be the one in need of a Ghostwriter…



And Maybe he knows it too:

Though he did say one thing that’s raising some eyebrows:



My question is does Meek think He’s 50 Cent or Ja rule in this scenario?
Though it seems one of the participants of that particular legendary beef had his thoughts on Meek’s reference:

Which one supposed to be Ja Rule??? #Over30millionrecordsSOLD #IwriteallmyShit #MeekvsDrake ???

A photo posted by Ja Rule (@ruleyorkcity) on


Though some are keeping the faith


But really the lesson is:


And then comes the advice from your olders:


And now we go over to Drake for his thoughts on Wanna Know:

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on


Though at this point Meek needs to just be like “Nicki take the wheel…”


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