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This list is a compilation of songs with deserve to be chart topping singles but their unpopularity is dragging them down. These songs are just as good if not better than some of todays most popular songs and deserve so much more love than they are given. If you see a song you think you might like give it a listen and show the artists some love and support.

Sleep On It – Emmi

This song has a kind of Taylor Swift kind of vibe with a really catchy chorus and yet this song only has 71,000 views on youtube and to be honest it is better than the songs in the charts now!

So There – Alexa Goddard

Alexa has a kind of bubblegum pop image around her with the colours of her songs sticking to pinks and pastel colours. Her voice is outstanding and this song is so much fun, I particularly like the jingly vibes at the beginning of the song (if you get what I mean?!)

Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men are an Icelandic pop group and they did feature on the charts for a while a few years ago but definitely didn’t get the credit they deserve. This is such a beautiful song and appeals to a variety of different music tastes.

Too Young To Remember – Florrie

Florrie reminds me a lot of Katy Perry so if you are a Katy Perry fan give her a listen. This song is fairly retro and is so catchy. It’s safe to say its been stuck in my head at least more than once. I feel as though many youngsters can relate to this song and enjoy the interesting bridge and chorus.

Leave A Trace – CHVRCHES

CHVRCHES kind of sound like Evanescence and who doesn’t love a good Evanescence song? It kind of has a more alternative vibe and is in some ways really relaxing. The lead singer is so talented and sounds so angelic.

Dancing On Glass – St Lucia

This song is more upbeat and inspiring and is the kind of song to listen to in the morning to really energize yourself for the upcoming day. I also feel as though its the sort of song that you can’t help but dance to. So go ahead and have a little dance party on your way to school/work!

Mine – Pheobe Ryan

Mine sounds like the song you get addicted to during summer and listen to it whilst getting dressed every morning. I am really liking the backing drums on this and it sounds pretty original and there is no doubting that this girl certainly has talent!

Jet Lag – Simple Plan

Simple Plan are fairly successful and have just started a European tour but unfortunatly no UK stops! This band sounds similar to the likes of Fall out Boy and Blink-182. Its so effortless and soon enough will become the anthem to your life.

Elliphant – Love Me Badder

Elliphant could be described to being similar in sound to Major Lazer and MØ who she has previously collaborated with. The song is so soothing and is a gym workout song and as recently made its way onto my gym playlist.

Remedy – Little Boots

A friend told me about this song when I was like 7 and listened to it on repeat for hours and I always just assumed it was a really popular song but recently came to the realisation that it wasn’t. Little Boots has since release so much more good music material and she is definitely worth a listen.

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