• 10 of the Most Underrated Pop Songs of the Decade

    This list is a compilation of songs with deserve to be chart topping singles but their unpopularity is dragging them down. These songs are just as good if not better than some of todays most popular songs and deserve so much more love than they are given. If you see a song you think you […]

    Fifth Harmony Back With A New Vibe

    Fifth Harmony are back with a new sound and vibe. The group have just announced the title to their sophomore album called “7/27”. The name represents the group in a personal way as this is the date when the group were formed on “The X Factor USA”. If your not familiar with Fifth Harmony the group is […]
  • All Saints – Returning With Red Flag

    All Saints return with new material! The girl group that gave us the heartbreak ballad such as “Never Ever” that featured the longest speaking intro of a record until the four voices of the girls kicked in and blended well together. The group were more than just cheesy pop or manufactured to the point they were just […]

    Solange Knowles A True Artist

    Solange Knowles was always going to be compared to her famous big sister once she decided to follow suit and take her first steps onto the musical ladder. A sibling already established with a voice that is distinctive, that matches the image being driven by the higher powers in the music industry, you have to admire someone who […]
  • Meek Mill Vs Drake: Meek Responds, The Internet Reacts

    Quick Recap Okay so Meek drops his album. After a while Meek got all up in his feelings because Drake – who is featured on the album on the track R.I.C.O – didn’t tweet about his album. In what was both a questionable and emotional move, Meek call’s Drake’s authenticity in to question by claiming he doesn’t […]
  • Rap Duets, Rap Duets, Everybody’s Doing Rap Duets

    It has been confirmed that Lil’ Wayne and Drake will be collaborating on an album once they get their solo efforts out of the way. This news following the initial success and reception of veteran Jay-Z and Kanye West’s collaborative effort ‘Watch the Throne’. Watch the Throne is arguably the biggest hook up since Jay […]
  • The Secret Behind Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass

    It’s easy to forget that Nicki Minaj is in fact a rapper. Visually she fits neither established conventions of female rappers to date. These being boyish swag and over sexualisation. Aesthetically she is closer to resembling an R&B singer and this is also audible in her somewhat melodic delivery. Ronald Williams, cofounder of cash money, […]
  • Should Miguel’s “Quickie” Have Been A Trey Song

    Upon hearing Miguel’s latest single “Quickie” my immediate response was good song, but wrong artist. And it seems im not alone on this as seen by this youtube comment. So why not Miguel in this particular instance? Delivery – Someone like Trey would have sold the words on tone alone. Miguel just doesn’t seem to […]
  • How Dizzee Rascal Paved the Way For Grime Artists, Twice!

    “Urban” music from UK acts has perhaps not enjoyed the wide spread success it currently is at any other point, especially from the stand point of rappers/MCs. The likes of Tinie Tempa, Tynchie Stryder, Chipmunk, Wiley and now Wretch 32, are all flourishing but perhaps it is arguable that they all have Dizzee Rascal to […]