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Solange Knowles was always going to be compared to her famous big sister once she decided to follow suit and take her first steps onto the musical ladder. A sibling already established with a voice that is distinctive, that matches the image being driven by the higher powers in the music industry, you have to admire someone who would put them self in a position for comparisons and even slightly being placed in that siblings shadow.


Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams shows solange’s songwriting skills at their best on all 13 of the 14 tracks on this album. A bonus track making up the 14. Motown inspired sounds with solange’s angelic but skillful vocals make this album a factual, but a given confirmation that solange is her own artist, in her own right.


Mixing visual effects with bright colours and bringing a Diana Ross feel to the video “I DECIDED” will get you tapping your feet to this track whilst the melody is so infectious that your be humming along to it. My personal favourite “Sandcastle Disco” is an upbeat track with a smooth vocal from solange that has that Motown magic being brought to your ears. Switching gears on the track “T.O.N.Y” solange gives you an insight into a relationship with the video giving us a more polished and glamorous solange with the black and white effect video not diverting from the message from this song to the listener.

I was interested to see and hear what solange would do musically after this album and the True EP is such a departure from the Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams but in a good way.


True EP is a dance record with dark lyrics that shows solange’s artistry at its best and is a step up from her previous work that really does reflect a true artists growth and talent. I really do admire artists that grow with their talents and don’t follow the usual route that delivers an album to the listener that sounds exactly like their previous records but with just a different title.

The track “Lovers In A Parking Lot” gives you electronic sounds with base beats and of course solange’s heartfelt vocals with believable lyrics. A completely different sound and a credible departure from the previous record. The track “Losing You” one of my favourites from the the TRUE EP is a ballad that could be considered as a hand clap anthem ( hand claps can be heard) that can have you singing along to this, yet again honest and believable song. Solange really is an artist and songwriter and her body of work no doubt proves that she can write and sing whatever creative direction she decides to go in and I for one, cannot wait to see what this true artist delivers!

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