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Selena Gomez started her career out on numerous children’s TV shows entertaining kids worldwide. Her work was specifically involved with Disney which allowed her to star in Wizards of Waverly place playing Alex Russo a young wizard in training. The programme aired for years and Selena’s acting career seemed to be going well. Along side her appearance on tv Selena opted to go down the singing route, which was a popular choice for actors on Disney channel and had previously been done before by Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Selena’s singing career was kickstarted by the release of her first single Round and Round, which proved to be popular amongst teens and younger audiences. It was only when Selena released her first album, that the world understood her talent as a musician.

After the release of your first album, Selena’s acting career began to decline further and instead her singing career took off. Her albums became more and more popular and soon she was mingling with big celebs like Taylor Swift and Selena and Justin soon became an item. Selena Gomez was fast becoming a household name and her popularity was shooting through the roof. Soon enough she was the one to watch at big red carpet events and awards show and of course she was always spotted by the paparazzi with her besties Taylor and Demi.

Selena’s newest album features the likes of Hands to Myself which has a particularly interesting video, shall I say and it seems that she has definitely stepped out of her comfort zone regarding her music videos. Selena’s sound has certainly taken a turn for the better and she has finally discovered her genre after years of trying many different types of music. This album just seems to have hit the nail on the head in terms of what the public where after.

In this past week news has emerged that Selena Gomez has now taken the title of Queen of Instagram after officially overtaking Taylor Swift’s follow count. Selena boasts a 70.5 million where as Taylor has just dipped below to 69.9 million followers. It will be interesting to see if this lead continues or whether Taylor slowly brings herself back up to the top spot once again.

We certainly haven’t seen the last of Selena and it is clear to me that her fame is to continue to shoot through the roof this coming year and the possible announcement of a tour could also give her the popularity she wants.

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