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All Saints return with new material! The girl group that gave us the heartbreak ballad such as “Never Ever” that featured the longest speaking intro of a record until the four voices of the girls kicked in and blended well together. The group were more than just cheesy pop or manufactured to the point they were just robots with no identity, they were credible songwriters and this reflected in their music.

All Saints

All Saints appeal was they made credible music that was relatable to any age group and the music spoke for itself. The four talented members didn’t have to sell their music by being half naked or courting controversy, all they had to do was make great music, which i think they achieved well. All Saints were the cool girl group that you weren’t ashamed to like and u could have their music blasting from your stereo with pride.

All Saints

First album “All Saints” was pop, which at the time was a way for any music act to make a mark in the music business but second album “Saints And Sinners” spawned the popular single “Pure shores”. The song was featured in the film “The beach” giving the girls a more mature sound and setting themselves apart from any other girl group at the time.

All Saints

Third album “Studio 1” saw All Saints return after a hiatus and single “Rock Steady” proved to be popular but the album failed to meet expectations and was the last album recorded collectively by the group. Fourth album “Red Flag” will be released this year and the single “One Strike” will precede the album. The single “One Strike” is rumoured to be about Nicole’s situation with her ex husband Liam Gallagher. I’m really looking forward to hearing what direction The album “Red Flag” will be and would like to say, welcome back Melanie, Shaznay, Natalie and Nicole, we’ve missed you!

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