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Anastacia burst onto the scene with “I’m Outta Love” her debut single that would introduce her to the world of music and the general public. The little lady with a huge voice showed emotion in all her songs on her debut album ‘Not That Kind’. From ballads to uptempo hits, the album gave you a real taste of what Anastacia could achieve with her mezzo-soprano voice and what looked like she would be on the right path to overall success. If you haven’t heard or own that album, I highly recommend it with the mixture of songs it contains.


Freak of nature the second album was a more polished pop sound that would cater more to the pop market but Anastacia stepped up to the plate and showed even more range and vocal acrobatics that set herself apart from her peers and made her even more unique with her own sound. My personal favourite track on the album is “How Come The World Wont Stop”. I relate to that song due to losing a loved one and that is the magic of Anastacia’s work, its relatable.


The third album titled “Anastacia” saw a change in sound that would give and bring an edginess to Anastacia that she calls “Sprock”. Soul, Pop, Rock and would give her fans, like me, a taster on her smash hit “Left Outside Alone”. The album does showcase the new sound “Sprock” and showcases a step forward in artist and musical growth without alienating Anastacia’s fans and the sound they were accustomed to.


The next release was a collection of hits that was titled “Pieces Of A Dream” and was a nicely reminder of how many hits this talented singer had recorded and was part of her catalogue, Anastacia has stated herself it is like a story book of her collective work.


Fourth album “Heavy Rotation” followed and was a departure from the “Sprock” sound and had a more urban feel and flavour. The album showcased Anastacia in a creative and new sound but unfortunately didn’t prove popular with commercial sales even though the album was voted one of the best albums of 2008. I admire Anastacia for taking career risks and not sticking to one popular sound and theme every album.


Taking a more female empower route on “It’s A Man’s World” and covering male rock songs, took us back to that sound Anastacia created “Sprock”. This body of songs reminded us what she can do with that “Voice” and proved she could stand up to any rock legend vocally.


The album “Resurrection” gave Anastacia a resurge in critical and commercial success. Showing emotion on the track “Stupid Little Things” with honest powerful vocals on a guitar ridden track that will have you singing along and fist pumping in the air.


Anastacia “Ultimate collection” was released last year 2015 and is full of the singers hits from all her albums, apart from the album “Heavy Rotation”. Also featured is two new tracks, a cover of Christina Aguilera’s song “Army Of Me” which is a song of self belief and personal strength whilst the other song “Take This Chance” offers the listener an emotional vocal delivery that is believable from Anastacia.


Anastacia portrays strength and emotion from her real life experiences in all her music. This is a lady who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at an early age, diagnosed with breast cancer twice that forced the singer to succumb to a double mastectomy and was also found to have the heart condition supraventricular tachycardia. Not only does her music represent her but Anastacia really is the little lady with huge strength.

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