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For some people, they turn to music as a way to escape from the world, leave their troubles behind and just put themselves in good mood with some uplifting music. This track from The Lipstick Junkies does exactly this. The three piece from Toronto have been recently gaining a fan base through their touring from Ontario, to London and Montreal. As well as this, their previous work has been displayed in Canadian Music Week, Indie Week and Ryerson Radio. They have also supported acts such as Walk Off The Earth and Organ Thieves.


Build Me A Box sets off from the start as a quirky and fun track that symbolises a more pop side to the 70’s funk that they associate themselves with. The guitar melody line and drums are what give the listener that early indication that this is a song to get up and dance to. The vocals are the cherry on top of the cake in the sense that they’re just as fun and outgoing as the instrumental sections.

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The first lyric you first hear is “build me a box, move your body till the beat don’t stop”. The lyrics don’t lie either, the energy from this track carries right through from the beginning to end. The beat keeps coming and doesn’t stop, even in the toned-down sections, you can sense something is coming. It’s all building up to that last chorus that is sure to get everyone dancing with the overlapped vocals singing “build me a box”. After 2 listens, you’re guaranteed to be singing along with the chorus at least.

Although it may get slightly repetitive within the song, they can’t and don’t want to change too much otherwise it’ll loose that fun, funk pop vibe they’ve got going which sounds brilliant. The high noted rhythm guitar is really what makes this track what it is, it adds colour, dexterity and vibe around the aura of this track. Check out The Lipstick Junkies new forthcoming EP New Lingo on the 12th February.

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