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Joanna “JoJo” Levesque burst onto the scene with “Leave (get out)” at the tender age of 13 and scored a number one in the United States, making her the youngest of a solo artist to achieve that impressive goal. She looked set to have an impressive musical career but little did she know just how the powers that can make your career can also stop it.



Jojo’s debut album was filled with songs that initially were more mature lyrically for a 13 year old and left you thinking how could a thirteen year old even know or experience on what there singing vocally? JoJo’s talent was noticeable from the get go, her voice even at thirteen showed maturity beyond her years and her vocal delivery was believable, making those mature lyrics easy on the ears. Her debut album has sold over four million copies to date.

The High Road


JoJo’s sophomore album “The High Road” had a more polished sound with more added beats and R&B elements than her first effort and with producers such as Scott Storch and Swizz Beats, just to name a few, this was a progressive step in the right direction for JoJo. The song “Too Little Too Late” shows JoJo’s range at its best and the emotions being submitted to the listener are heartfelt and believable. A song for any person going through heartbreak or turmoil in a relationship. The album was certified gold in 2006.

The Album Leak

Only two years later JoJo stated that she was writing material for her next album that would show musical growth to her fans. At the time (2009) there were label and distribution upsets that would harm any artists career and JoJo’s songs were leaked from a YouTube channel. Eventually her label got a distribution deal and things looked, from the outside, to be back on. JoJo made appearances on other artists songs such as Timbalands “Lose Control” and a background vocalist for the band “Jet”.

The Mixtape

Mixtape “Cant Take That Away From Me” (2010) showed JoJo she had progressed on the single “In The Dark” a black and white video with JoJo expressing her desire for the male in the video. In 2011 JoJo showed her songwriting talents by rewriting and remixing Drake’s song “Marvin’s Room” to a females point of view. The remix became popular and reminded people of JoJo’s talents for songwriting and vocals. Near the end of 2011 there was some hope from JoJo’s label as the track “Demonstrate” saw JoJo back on the music map but unfortunately this track was like JoJo’s previous material and wasn’t anything new in the sense of artist growth which was previously seen and heard on “In The Dark”.

A New Begening

More bad news was to follow in 2012 as JoJo’s label lost their distribution deal which resulted in no release for JoJo’s album but JoJo decided to record new material for a new mixtape to give to her fans that have been waiting. The mixtape “Agápē” was released free to fans and saw JoJo embark on a tour in North America keeping her relationship with her fans fresh and alive. The year 2013 saw a huge career relief from legal help that led to JoJo being released from her recording contract and in 2014 signing a new contract with a different label.



JoJo is back! Late last year (2015) saw and heard the singeron three singles, simultaneously released which is referred to as the “Triangle”. Each song represents JoJo’s different styles of music and incredible vocal range that shows the world her “Unstoppable Talent”.

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