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Upon hearing Miguel’s latest single “Quickie” my immediate response was good song, but wrong artist. And it seems im not alone on this as seen by this youtube comment.

So why not Miguel in this particular instance?

Delivery – Someone like Trey would have sold the words on tone alone. Miguel just doesn’t seem to sound all that interested in what he is saying and this is visible in the video as well.

Persona – Miguel doesn’t seem to have the presence or charisma to carry the song in the way it should.

So what does this show?

What may be believable coming out of one mouth may not be coming out of another. As an artist song selection is of the greatest importance. It could be that you’ve written a song that just doesnt quite work in relation to what you aim to represent. Theres nothing wrong with that, especially as not every song you write needs to be performed by you. In that case sometimes its best to record demos of such songs to ship to other artists ie in this instance Trey Songz.

It also has to be noted that Miguel wrote Mary J. Blige and Musiq’s “If U Leave” and cowrote tracks on Usher’s Raymond v. Raymond and is therefore no stranger to being the man behind the song.

All in all it is a good song for what it is, but doesnt reach the potential it could have with a more suibtable artist. With that said ’90s style R&B production is solid, whilst sitting on a subtle reggae vibe and ironically incorporating a very gospel-esque chordal progression.

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