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Nina Nesbitt has been around for years releasing albums and continually improving her presence on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. The 21 year old singer from Scotland has been singing publicly since 2011 and released her debut album “Peroxide” in 2014, which proved to be a massive success.

The Modeling

Nina began her career as a model and modeled for the likes of Calvin Klein, Estee lauder and Haze and Glory. Her modeling career did come as a surprise considering as since an early age she would record and produce her own music from her bedroom and upload it to YouTube. But her modeling career was just what sparked her career as a musician. Modeling helped her to develop contacts in the music industry which was definitely helpful for her inner music passion.

The Music

After meeting Ed Sheeran, the pair got to know each other and became a couple and Ed chose to take Nina on tour with him and use her as his supporting act which certainly put Nina on the map and marked her change from world wide supermodel to folk pop singer.

According to wikipedia Nina is able to play: acoustic guitar, keyboard, piano, flute, tambourine and the floor tom tom drum. So questioning her musical talents was clearly not a problem for her when making the transition from her modeling career to her musical career.

Nina largely sticks to a folk pop kind of theme and sometimes her songs are mainly made up of acoustic instruments which gives them more of a country vibe. Although her songs are usually quite shallow and don’t incorporate lots of instruments the raw sound that is created is very effective when paired with her angelic voice. The songs Nina has written and recorded are very current and talk about modern affairs in the world, for example she wrote Selfies which you guessed it is a song all about taking pictures of your self. The use of modern trends in her songs is quite refreshing as many artists nowadays tend to write a lot about love and break ups, which don’t get me wrong is sometimes featured in Nina’s work but is often discarded for other themes.

Modern Love

Despite my rambling on about Nina’s lack of love references in her music, she has recently announced a new EP entitled “Modern Love” which could signify a change of theme within her music and show Nina following more popular artists to begin writing about love and break ups. One song from the EP has been released so far which has been named “Chewing Gum”, the song doesn’t show a prominent change in sound from her previous albums, so we will have to see whether or not she decides to change her approach to song writing!

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