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Zane Lowe, the DJ responsible for bringing Kanye’s super rant to the world, is leaving his position on BBC Radio One for none other than Apple. Having Joined the BBC in 2003, Lowe has cemented himself as one of the most influential figures in British music so it’s little wonder Apple came sniffing, but what kind of role will the on air personality have at the tech giant?

When apple bought Beats last year they not only acquired a premium headphones manufacturer, but they also attained a music streaming service which they are rumoured to be conflating with iTunes Radio. One of the things that compelled the Apple CEO, Tim Cooke, to look into Beats Music as opposed to any other streaming service, such as Spotify, was that when he listened to Beats he felt something visceral that he didn’t with the other services. The reason for this is that Beats is heavily centred around human curation.

So it’s fitting that they’d look for a top DJ to step into the realms of curating music, but would Zane Lowe really leave presenting on Radio One just to compile playlists, albeit at the biggest company in the world? Perhaps Apple has more in store for us with the rumoured Beats Music slash iTunes Radio mishmash and there may be a magazine layer featuring interviews and miscellaneous entertainment segments to accompany it. This is the only scenario where such a move makes sense to me, not that I know Zane Lowe personally, but I just can’t envisage him not being on air in some capacity.

This is purely conjecture of course so all we can do is wait for the secretive Coupertino based company to officially reveal all later this summer.

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