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Did you guys catch the BRIT Awards…because I didn’t, but a bit of youtubing revealed that there were some pretty kick ass moments.

My Favourite Performance of the Night Award goes to Dizzee Rascal and Florence Welch, easily! It was perfect from beginning to end…Florence looked like a Pre-Raphaelite goddess ….just breathtaking. And what an image worth capturing when she came out of that big silver ball:

Another favourite performance of mine was Lily Allen’s.  She kicked off the whole show with a performance of her first single off her current album.  I thought she looked take to bed hot. I Loved her performance, and I really started liking the song more than I did on its first time out.

Gaga looked beautiful I thought.  I haven’t posted her performance video but she did her usual art installation performance thing.  She started with a pared down rendition of ‘Telephone’ then switched to ‘Dance in the Dark’, which no one’s really heard before but it basically sounds like 90s Madonna on fast forward.  The performance was in tribute to her recently deceased friend, Alexander McQueen, hence why it was a bit of a downer.

Ellie Goulding, who they’ve been trying to force feed us for a few months, gave a good performance. I liked the little drummer boy bit she did;  I also liked her vocals and I think its a likely that the song she performed, ‘Starry eyed’ is going to be everywhere over the next few months.

Finally, the most ‘interesting’ performance of the night was Chery Cole’s. She tried to be fierce but even with 30 odd dancers and a random black woman thrown in for urban edge, it was just a bit weak.   Plus, it looked suspiciously like she had ripped off a few of Beyonce’s past performances i.e.  Ring the Alarm VMA 2006 etc, etc:

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