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Rihanna’s nipples are nothing new to the public eye with her having posed nude for Lui (french magazine) in 2014 and they’re back again in a raunchy version of the music video for her new single Work. After a year away from music followed by a couple mediocre performing singles last year, I was genuinely beginning to think Rihanna’s buzz had fizzled out, but why would anybody underestimate the “good girl gone bad.”

TV Version


Rihanna’s  brand new Work music video begins with what I assume to be the TV version directed by Director X. Keeping to the Caribbean theme of the song the video consists of classic Dancehall vibes and plenty of booty shaking but in all honesty nothing new or all that worth talking about by Rihanna’s standards.


Still the teaser posted a meer 2 days ago garnered 8 million views and some degree of excitement throughout the interwebs. I must admit I was a little surprised to see a 7 minute video for the song and expected some sort of compelling narrative. Instead after the TV version finishes Rihanna reminded us why she’s the queen of attention.

Sexy Version


After a brief 7 seconds of anticipation building between the videos, the second version of the video, directed by Tim Erem, begins with a shot of Drake that slowly pans out revealing Rihanna.


It isn’t until 15 seconds in however that you realise Rihanna is well and truly back. Wearing a translucent cami top with nothing underneath Rihanna leaves very little to the imagination. The video consists of Drake gawping over Rihanna’s body and sorry Chris Brown, Drake still be all over your ex.

Rihanna’s Back


So why does this video signal the return of Rihanna you ask? It’s simple. After being absent from the conversation for so long (by her standards) she’s finally able to steal the headlines once again. With the single having been released over 4 weeks ago now I actually have a secret suspicion that this video was held back as not to clash with Beyonce’s shine.

The Work music video is sure to see Rihanna steal the number 1 spot this week having slowly risen to 3rd after 4 weeks in the charts. We’ll just have to wait and see if this video is able to make as much noise as Beyonce’s Formation video. Let us know what you think of the video below.

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