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It was the summer of 2013 when a little known drummer turned singer announced himself to the internet. He went by the name of Dornik, but thats all anyone knew of this enigmatic and musically talented individual. Despite being shrouded by mystery due to a deliberate lack of press images his then debut single ‘Something About You’ became a soundcloud hit. The opening line “I can see that sunshine in your eyes” a mantra for romantics and a precursor of the smooth sounds to come.

Fast forward to the present day and several similarly styled singles later, Dornik released his self titled debut album to critical acclaim eliciting comparisons to the likes of Frank Ocean, although i feel that is a lazy comparisson. Perhaps sonically through the use of ambient synths or the fact that there was an air of mystery when they initially launched but the similarities end there.

Dornik certainly has a distinct sound which can only be described as retro, electro R&B goodness. Although a child of the 90s Dornik somehow managed to connect to the style of a decade before him and his music manages to take you on a trip to the 80s with production laden with analog synths and the sounds of retro drum machines.

Dornik’s vocals have an obvious Michael Jackson influence that is evident through his cadence, delivery and register. The uncanny resembalnce can even be heard in his breathing. His style of singing perfectly compliments the lyrical thoughts of his shy yet romantic mind attempting to serenade and woo the potential love of his life.

Good music deserves recognition but dispite the rave reviews and aspirational comparisons I have a feeling Dornik’s gimmick free artistry won’t get his just dues but we love him all the same and hope you will too.

I love creating and being creative. I also love helping people develop. My desire is to help young people find their place in life and fulfil their potential.
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