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We tend to think of viral growth as something new and recent. But really the internet has brought us the future by returning us to the past.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we haven’t had recorded music all that long relatively speaking. Way back in the past when fire and the wheel were our greatest innovations, music and stories were spread from person to person, only through people’s memories. If your mother sang you a song that you fell in love with, then you sang it your children and that is how the arts were shared.

Even now without realizing it, that is how things permeate through society. The items we purchase tend to be those recommended by someone we trust. We fall in love with music our friends love, and share it with others around us. We are not doing anything new, we are just doing it more efficiently and have gained the ability to more easily spread it to strangers in far away places.

Which means that as ever the key remains to be able to create compelling content that people will want to share and recommend.

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